Privacy Policy for Online Games

This privacy policy is applicable to all web game services run by Idle Media, Inc. By using or accessing our sites you are agreeing to the terms described in our Privacy Policy.

Data We Collect: IP, Tracking Cookies

We collect data about the user’s IP address and collect data using a tracking cookie. A cookie is a small file stored on your computer that contains some data. The cookie is used to save your login information, and login preferences where applicable. This data is also used to occasionally verify user identity.

We log in-game actions and activities. We do this to track and monitor your play and for your protection while playing. User private mailboxes are also accessible by in-game staff for this reason. If you choose to connect your game account via Facebook, Idle Media Inc. staff may be able to see Facebook information which is left public by you. This information is only used to verify the validity of the Facebook account used to connect.


Idle Media Inc. requires your valid e-mail address for verification purposes. We may occasionally send you promotions related to our game through this e-mail address. We do not sell the e-mail information to any third parties or advertisers and you may opt-out of our emails at any time.

Contacting Us

When you contact us through e-mail, you are providing us with your personal e-mail which may contain other information such as your name. This information is used only for the purpose of validating your in-game identity, and assisting in communicating with you. Idle Media Inc. will never ask for your home phone number or address in order to play games.


We have teamed up with several advertisers in order to promote these sites and bring in revenue. These advertisers may track information about you such as your location. We do not have control over what advertisers choose to track. Advertising “offers” such as surveys taken by you are through a third-party and may require different information. Idle Media Inc. does not access this information, nor do we have any say over what survey offers or other advertisers might ask you to provide.

You may opt out of the collection of your information for third party analytics purposes at the URLs provided at the bottom of this page.


Transactions on our web site may be completed through PayPal or other online transaction service providers. We do not track the information provided from these sites and only use them to verify your payment transactions.


For more information about third-party privacy policies, and their opt-out procedures, please view relevant policies at the parent sites, including: